Situated in the serene suburb of Panorama in Cape Town, 2 Oceans Recovery is helping people to bring their lives back on track by assisting them in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. As a drug rehabilitation centre and an alcohol rehab centre, we are committed to helping you or your loved one to kick a habit that is causing much harm the self and to the family. A drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa that is dedicated to assisting those who have grown dependent on a substance and who want to step away from the substance but are finding it difficult to do, 2 Oceans Recovery is the drug rehabilitation centre which will assist them to take the first steps away from their addiction.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a problem that has the ability to affect all types of people regardless of their social status, their economic status, their upbringing or their personality characteristics. Addiction leaves lives in tatters and leaves people feeling destitute and without hope. Some get so lost within their addiction that they forget their potential and the possibilities which are awaiting them in their future.

2 Oceans Recovery is a drug rehab centre and an alcohol rehab centre in Cape Town which provides high quality care and support for those staying at the drug rehabilitation home, the type of care will equip them with the skills they need in order to permanently rid themselves of their addiction. At 2 Oceans Recovery it does not matter what path you are taking in life or where you are coming from, we are here to help you to break the bonds that the addiction has created so that you can get back to living the positive life that you were always meant to live. No case is too difficult for our team of passionate, skilled and experienced counselors. The counselors at 2 Oceans Recovery are dedicated to helping you every step of the way in your recovery and they provide constant support while you are receiving treatment at this drug rehab center in South Africa.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre that Cares About Personal Well Being.

If you are currently experiencing an active addiction 2 Oceans Recovery is the drug rehab centre for you. Our programme follows the basics which were laid down by the Alcoholics Anonymous group 80 years ago. Alcoholics Anonymous has proven that its 12 steps programme works after seeing many people successfully kick those alcohol habits that had taken control of the lives of those who were addicted. But their unique 12 step programme has proved to be successful in the treatment of other forms of addiction and this is why 2 Oceans Recovery has altered the famous 12 steps programme to suit the needs for the treatment for other addicts.

At 2 Oceans Recovery we have seen how programmes that have focused on treating only the addiction and not the cause of the addiction have failed to assist people to overcome their addictions. With this in mind 2 Oceans Recovery has formulated an approach that tackles the cause of the addiction which in turn helps to beat the actual substance addiction which has resulted from the cause.

Addiction is a spiritual disease which needs a spiritual cure. Addiction is described as a spiritual disease because it causes people to withdraw from life and from the ones that they love as they lose the power to have control over their minds, leading them down a destructive path. They lose the connection to themselves and become unable to fight the addiction, eventually succumbing to the addiction completely and throwing away everything. When fighting to overcome addiction, the mind-set first needs to change which means that a change in the psyche is needed. The mind is exceptionally powerful and can both destroy and heal, we work towards helping people to heal by helping them to change the way in which they think and react to their thoughts.
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